Mary + Jake / Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer / The Homestead November 3, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

AC2_2525 copy

All of the beauty of Mary+Jake’s Northern Michigan wedding day came rushing back as I put together their images to feature here this evening. The joy and the happiness. The views of Northern Michigan and the relaxed happiness that comes from being on the Leelanau Penninsula.
Enjoy a small snippet of their wedding day at The Homestead in pretty Glen Arbor. Per usual, I’ll let the pictures do the talking for me.

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Heather + John / 10 Year Anniversary / Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer October 1, 2015 1 Fabulous Comment


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Earlier this year, my dear friend Heather and her husband John celebrated 10 years of marriage. They wanted a shoot together that reflected what they have worked so intentionally on over the past decade…humor, love, laughter and friendship. But it hasn’t been without it’s challenges either.

In the 10 years of their marriage together, they welcomed four children, moved all over the country, and did a lot of growing up. These two serve as a wonderful example of marriage and fighting through the hard times and not giving up. They are a force to be reckoned with and this dear friend of mine has given me a lot of good wisdom and counsel in my own marriage. It was a joy to do these pictures for them and to help celebrate something so very beautiful.
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Ali + Todd / Wedding Preview / Northern Michigan Wedding Photographer September 25, 2015 1 Fabulous Comment

AC3_1828 copy
June 2015 / Traverse City, Michigan 

Ali + Todd are one of those rare couples that encapsulates a ton of style and class, and yet doesn’t take themselves too seriously. This sweet duo is totally fun-loving and kind and planned one gorgeous wedding celebration.

Married in Traverse City and following with a feast and pretty surroundings at Brengman Brothers Winery, these two had an unforgettable day (check out their dessert table…complete with donuts!)

AC2_0025 copy
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Shannon + Ian / Wedding Preview / Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer September 16, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

AC3_8468 copyIf I could sum up Shannon+Ian’s wedding day in one word, it would be Joyful. Incredibly incredibly joyful.

Shannon’s smile and her laughter are infectious. You can’t not be happy around her. And then combine Shannon+Ian together…the silliness and love they share…it’s truly a perfect match.

These two were married earlier this year at Mangiamo in Grand Rapids, followed by good times at the Bissell Tree House located in John Ball Zoo. From Shannon’s blush pink wedding gown to the perfect early summer day, this day was the very best. Enjoy a little sampling of happy memoires and lots of joy.

AC3_8413 copyAC3_8403 copyAC3_8514 copyAC3_8499 copyAC3_8451 copy
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Karissa + Nick / Maternity Session / Grand Rapids Maternity Photographer September 9, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

AC3_1872 copy

Maternity sessions are always a joy to photograph. Babies are fun to talk about and new, expectant parents have a beautiful, nervous excitement about them that you can almost feel.

Karissa and Nick are full of personality, spirit and the kindest souls. The moment I met Karissa I felt an instant kindred heart. We found out we share a birthday and a lot of other commonalities which made me want to go shopping and grab a latte with her afterwards.

Enjoy a session full of love and personality. These two will be welcoming their sweet baby later this month!

AC3_1871 copyAC3_1913 copy
AC3_1900 copy AC3_1880 copyAC2_9251 copy

AC2_9269 copy
AC2_9227 copy
AC2_9201 copy
AC2_9161 copy

AC2_9122 copy


AC3_1806 copy

AC2_9078 copy
AC2_9030 copy

AC2_9046 copy

AC2_9007 copy
AC2_9016 copy

AC2_8987 copy
AC2_8956 copy AC2_8951 copy AC2_8850 copy AC2_8766 copy

 This last image is from a few weeks after their original maternity session. Karissa wanted a few images at their home, telling the story of the natural beauty of carrying a baby. Less clothes, more belly, but this image here just encompasses that raw emotion and beauty of this time and I wanted to share this last image that happens to be one of my favorites.AC3_2804 COPY