Marissa + Cale // Engagement Gallery // Grand Rapids Engagement Photographer June 25, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

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Megan + Kevin // Wedding Preview // Ann Arbor Wedding Photographer June 24, 2015 1 Fabulous Comment


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May, 2015 – Ann Arbor, Michigan

Ceremony+Reception – Misty Farm
Catering – Zingerman’s Catering
Cake + Desserts – Sweet Heather Anne
Photography – Amy Carroll Photography

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Jackie + Tommy // Engagement Session // Grand Rapids Wedding Photographer June 4, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

AC2_1718 copySpring is a time of renewal, emerging leaves and flowers. Spring is a time for lovers.

Jackie and Tommy not only had a beautiful engagement session, but a memorable one as well. Right in the middle of shooting, the skies just opened up and rain poured out upon us. Thankful for the pretty blanket we brought along as a prop that became our umbrella. Jackie + Tommy, you two are lovely.

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Baby Sawyer // Newborn Lifestyle Session // Grand Rapids Newborn Photographer June 2, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment


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Newborn sessions just don’t get any sweeter than this one.  I also may be slightly biased as this family is quite dear to me. So dear, in fact, they let me name their baby. True story.

Meet Sawyer Lyon. The youngest of this three-boy pack. This family wins for being so darling.

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Anna + Jake // Engagement Session // New York Engagement Photographer May 21, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

AC2_8429smallNew York has a vibrancy to it that you can actually feel. So do Anna+Jake.

This well-dressed duo is getting married next summer in Michigan (at one of my favorite venues!) however they reside in New York, and when discussing their engagement session, it made perfect sense to celebrate their time living here together.

There is much to adore about these two. They are well-polished and well-rounded. Successful and kind-hearted and just plain fun to be around! Anna also writes and keeps up a blog that I have enjoyed following (and wrote about her and Jake’s engagement session here!) and for those who love fitness, fashion and food (me!) you might enjoy following as well.

This pretty shoot was also featured on Style Me Pretty last week, should you like to take a look at a few more from their session.

Anna+Jake // you two are lovely in every way.

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