Baby Adelaide // Newborn Session // Chicago Newborn Photographer April 22, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment


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 Last November little Miss Laide entered our world and brought so many blessings to her mama and dad. This newborn session was an easy favorite. Emily and Dave have a beautiful home together in Chicago and it’s all the more complete with their new baby girl. Enjoy this sweet newborn session at their home this past fall.


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Michelle + Kirk // Detroit Wedding Photographer // Addison Oaks Wedding April 2, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment


 This day and this couple just win.

There are a lot of really sweet things I could tell you about this wedding day. I could tell you about how both of these families jumped in, helped create, make and set up so many special parts of this day. I could tell you that they know what every one at this wedding knows…that Michelle and Kirk are crazy in love with each other. When I asked Kirk his feelings about what this day meant for him prior to the ceremony, his immediate tears welling in his eyes told me everything I needed to know (sorry Kirk). When I saw both of them as they locked eyes down the aisle, I knew I was witnessing something pure and good. But as always, I would rather tell you my emotions and thoughts through the pictures here on this blog.

I think it’s clearly obvious how much I adore Michelle+Kirk. I had the pleasure of shooting Kirk’s sister’s 5 wedding years ago and their cousin’s wedding 2 summers ago. Their family is fiercely loving and rallies around their own. Documenting weddings is such a great joy to me…especially when I get to see familiar faces again!




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The Parisian’s // Family Session // Grand Rapids Family Photographer March 27, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

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This post is so absolutely dear to me and the amount of love I hold for these four souls is immeasurable.  Their session from this past fall ranks as one of my favorites.

Megan and Brad are dear friends of ours and their little Charlotte and Lila are practically sisters to our little son Mayer. In fact, if you stick with this post you will see a cameo of Mayer sitting with Charlotte and Lila! Megan helped this new mama by watching Mayer a few days a week this past year while I worked. Knowing he was being loved and watched over by this family took the sting out of not having him home with me those few days each week. And seeing the bond formed between these little ones was as sweet as could be.

This family brings joy to so many…they reach out, dig in and help others out around them. They are fiercely loyal friends and good stewards of our community. And this post makes me smile seeing the love they hold for each other.

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Abby + Phil // Engagement Session // Grand Rapids Boho Wedding and Engagement Photographer March 24, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment

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 My little boho heart was completely filled after meeting this couple. Abby+Phil have such beautiful souls…inside and out. They are genuine and playful and woefully in love. They will be wed this summer and I am counting down the days until I get to see them again.

Enjoy this sweet session that I shot this fall celebrating their engagement.



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Jessica + Cody // Maternity Session // Seattle Washington Maternity Photographer March 13, 2015 Leave a Fabulous Comment


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If you have been a long-time follower of this blog, you will no doubt recognize Jessica and Cody. In these pictures taken last fall in Seattle, they were soon-to-be-parents…just on the precipice of a very life-changing event. I’m excited to say their sweet little daughter Lucy joined them this past winter and I absolutely cannot wait to meet her.

It was so much fun to see them in this new stage in their life…chatting excitedly with Jessica about all things pregnancy. Watching Cody be completely awed by his wife’s new appearance (they were high school sweethearts and Cody mentioned a few times during their session that it was still a shock to see his partner of over a decade carrying their little one). It was a beautiful evening spent overlooking the ocean and mountains in Discovery Park. I adore these two and think you will adore this sweet session!


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